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What I Read in 2022

I haven't been an avid reader for most of my life. When I was a kid, I probably used to read more than average, but it wasn't something that stuck. In 2021, I developed severe anxiety after the birth of my third son, oh, and by the way there was a pandemic. I know that there is very little, if anything, I can control other than myself and what I do. It's a painful lesson, and, yet, for some reason it's a hard habit to shake. Wanting to do something, I decided to curb my reeling mind with books - books to educate myself and books to enjoy. Reading helps me to stop spiraling thoughts in their tracks; I jump into the story and escape for a little while or learn more to help me feel a bit more equipped to deal. It's also helped me connect with a new community of friends who want to dive into the next good story along with me.

As a lover of goals, I was thrilled to set my reading goal on Goodreads to 35 books at the beginning of 2022! Either I am a bit obsessive or I my habits had just changed so much that I ended up crushing it by reading a total of 60 books last year. There are just so many good books, and so little time! I mostly read on my Kindle, but did enjoy a few on audiobook or hard copy.

I will denote my favorites in bold text. If there is no link with the title, then I would not recommend the book.

Here is what I read:

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