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Top Target Home Sale Picks | September

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Until recently, I hadn’t considered Target to be one of my go-to places for furniture or decor. Honestly, I thought the quality probably just wasn’t great, so I didn’t want to invest in anything that I would regret. But since I’ve been on a mission to furnish and decorate my whole house, I’ve come to find that Target has some of my favorite items! ​

Several of these are either in my home, on my wish list, or in my cart. All of them would coordinate with each other if you needed several in the same room. I am definitely drawn to black and white as a base, and I also love the added texture of wood.  ​ The diamond wool rug is making it into my guest room here soon, I think I’ll pick it up while it’s 20% off! I am also considering a white, glassed-in cabinet for my living room, and these are both great options if you’re looking for something similar to add storage or display your pretty things. 

Click on the images below to shop this post!

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