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Top 10 budget pendant lights for over your kitchen sink

Remodeling the whole kitchen right now just isn’t going to happen. I would absolutely love to, but we have some other more pressing home priorities right now. Anyone else in the same boat?

But I am determined to love my home and make it homey for my family. I have this vision for how I want to feel in my home, and that means certain details must be changed to achieve that. One of those details is removing the wavy trim over our kitchen sink. See it up there? I like the simplicity of a clean line over the waviness, and so we are currently in the process of removing that. However, it’s more than just changing a little trim piece! (It’s always more of something, isn’t it? Haha)

Part of this project also involves adding a mini pendant light over the sink for style and task lighting. There is a recessed light there right now, which isn’t terrible, but it also isn’t the look I’m going for. I want something that is going to make me smile when I’m standing there, washing endless piles of dirty dishes, baby bottles, and toys that have been in a kid’s (or the dog’s) mouth.

Are you looking for a cool pendant light in a budget, too? Amazon has some options I love for mini pendant lights at great prices. I compiled a round up of my favorite over-the-kitchen-sink pendant light picks for you - I think any these could also work well over a kitchen island or possibly hanging over a bedroom nightstand if you’re feeling ambitious.

My advice is to always check the dimensions of the light and measure your space before you buy! But if something doesn’t end up working, the best part is there is often free returns with Amazon prime, just check before you buy.

Here are my picks, all linked below! We ordered Number 5 for our sink (I'll share the final look in my next post). Which one is your favorite?

1. Modern Industrial Barn Farmhouse Kitchen Island Pendant | 2. Vintage Classic Edison Mini Pendant | 3. Modern Farmhouse Glass Cylinder Pendant | 4. Vintage Industrial Pendant | 5. Matte Black Vintage Edison Hanging Light | 6. Industrial Mini Pendant Lighting with Handblown Clear Seeded Glass Shade | 7. Antique Industrial Mini Glass Pendant | 8. Washed Copper Iron Hill One-Light Indoor Pendant | 9. Industrial Edison Vintage Style 1-Light Pendant | 10. Black Globe Pendant Light

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