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Super simple baby boy first birthday party & mini 1-year-old boy gift guide

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

We had so much fun celebrating Baby G’s first birthday over the weekend! We generally like to keep our kids’ birthday gatherings fairly small with just family if we can so things don’t get too out of hand. Finding a theme for a first birthday is challenging for me because it’s hard to tell what your child’s interests are at age 1. So I just go with whatever seems fun and appropriate to me, and let it roll!

For this one, we did a puppy dog theme! Our son does love our dog, so I suppose it goes along with his current interest of feeding the pooch from his high chair…

I’ve never been much of a party decorator, but we recently decided as a family to make more of an effort to make special occasions even more special. It really did make a difference! Everything felt very festive, and the kids especially enjoyed the balloons and fun colors. I took a risk and ordered these party decorations and this garland Amazon, and I was actually really surprised with how nice everything was! Not to mention super affordable. We spent about $25 total on decor, and it that covered the spaces we needed. (Everything is linked at the end of this post) I would highly recommend it if you’re hosting a party.

The food was also pretty simple! Of course, I like to stay with the kid-friendly staples so I don’t have to fight my child to eat three bites of broccoli dipped in ketchup while we have guests. We had homemade macaroni and cheese, black bean chili, some basic cheese, fruit, and veggie plates. And what puppy party is complete without some puppy chow? Let me tell you, that stuff is addicting! Our son’s cakes were cookies and cream so we could take advantage of using oreos as simple paw print decor on top. We tried to choose things that could all be made in advance to avoid prepping while our guests arrived. I’ve never been completely successful with that before, but this time, we crushed it! We were actually able to enjoy our own party without worrying about cooking things, setting things out, or finding anything for anyone. Whew!

Keeping everything simple and easy made everything more enjoyable for us and for our family. Now onto the next two weeks. And then another the week after that. Oh, and then it’s Jesus’ birthday, too! Holiday season = birthday season in our house, I guess!

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