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Summer Front Door Faves

It's funny how one thing snowballs into another. Just last week, I was shopping for tank tops and had to add things to my cart to get free shipping. It's a constant struggle for me when I'm online shopping...but I am so spoiled by free shipping that I will do almost anything to get it. I'm the only one with this problem I"m sure. No?

When I ran into this predicament, I decided I might as well give my front door a mini makeover to freshen it up for summer. We had a really cute buffalo check rug and doormat combo there that I still love, but it's a little more of a fall vibe. Not to mention it needed a major hose down and wash. Sprucing it up for summer is exactly what it needed! If you're wondering, below is the look we had going for fall 2019.

While people aren't actually welcome in our home right now (which makes this "welcome mat" post almost a little ironic, right?), I still feel like a welcoming home is an encouragement to us and to those who walk past. So I rounded up the looks I'm loving plus some bonus favorites at the bottom of this post! Scroll down below the roundup to find the looks I tried on our front step, and tell me which is your favorite!

1 top / 1 bottom / 2 top / 2 bottom / 2 bottom / 3 top / 3 bottom / 4 top /4 bottom / 5 top / 5 bottom / 6 top / 6 bottom / 7 top / 7 bottom / 8 top / 8 bottom

Honestly, there were so many I liked it was difficult to choose which ones to pair up! You could totally mix and match any of these together and still come out with an amazing look you love. A pop of color or contrast under a coir doormat adds just a bit of interest and fun when you walk in the door! And why not play with some serious pattern mixing while you're at it?

I had a tough time deciding which of these mats to couple with the blue rug we bought, but since we also needed a mat on our side entry, I figured I could keep both and switch it up whenever! Which one is your favorite?

Here's the welcome mat:

And here's the zig zag one:

Whatever you choose for your front door, I hope it makes you feel right at home and excited to be there each time you cross the threshold!

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