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Spring Decor Round-Up

Something about the end of winter is making me hate everything in my house. Am I the only one?Probably just a case of cabin fever, but I’m so ready for some nice weather and spending more time outside before the heat of summer sets in and the mosquitoes come back to life! Last year was our first spring and summer in our new house, and having a yard to spread out in has made a significant difference in our daily lives. Until then, I think adding a little springy sparkle indoors might help lift my spirits.

Here are some of my favorite items right now for spring:

Item 1/Item 16 | A fresh, friendly doormat!

Item 2 | This throw looks amazing!

Item 3 | This floral pillow! Such a great deal! It even has a down fill - the best kind for fluffing.

Item 4 | I love the fresh look of this seagrass wreath.

Item 5/Item 14 | Obsessed with these metallic watering cans! These would be great displayed with greenery or display it AND use it!

Item 6 | This blue tassel pillow is so light and airy!

Item 7 | These aged clay pots would look great with some live plants or even a few faux ones.

Item 8 | A vase full of these drooping over the edge will definitely brighten your mood.

Item 9 | In this squatty vase!

Item 10 | This would be a great rug for layering under a doormat, plus it comes in several colors!

Item 11 | This lightweight knit throw is so bright and perfect to swap in for those chunky winter ones!

Item 12 | A bust with a fluffy plant inside is a great accent for spring.

Item 13 | These pillows come in so many colors and add the best texture!

Item 15 | A couple new fluffy hand towels are a nice addition for spring! Plus, these have polka dots!

I hope you're not feeling the winter blues, but if you are, brightening up a corner of your home will almost certainly bring you a bit of joy! Come on, spring!

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