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Simple Fall Home Decor | How to Style Your Home for Fall and Fall Front Porch

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I’m not typically the one to dive into all things fall and pumpkin, but for some reason, this year I’m craving all of the coziness and warmth the season brings. I took a trip to Trader Joe’s yesterday, which I also do not normally do, and went just a tad pumpkin crazy. I bought pumpkin bagels, maple butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin crisps, actual pumpkins… and I almost fell into the giant pumpkin crate at the back of the store trying to get the exact Cinderella pumpkin I needed at the bottom. Wouldn’t that have been a sight? Really short, super pregnant lady, falling head-first into the pumpkin crate, feet dangling in the air, all for that perfect, squatty, coveted gourd!

Over the years, fall in my home has become more of a feeling than it has lots of little “fall” pieces of decor. I’m not one for much clutter, and I try to keep the items on display as intentional as possible. I am so inspired by Myquillin Smith (@thenester on Instagram) and her cozy minimalist ways! Fall doesn’t have to mean a mantle filled with little signs, tiny fake pumpkins on every surface, a squirrel dish, and dusty pumpkin spice candles all over. It can mean a chunky knit blanket, the added warmth of a spray with a few golden leaves, fairy lights, or a wreath on the door.

I like to keep it festive without going overboard. As much as I would love to fill my whole front porch with piles of beautiful pumpkins, that stuff adds up fast! Now you know why I dug to the bottom and risked my dignity in the Trader Joe’s pumpkin bin - for $8 I got a huge, orange Cinderella pumpkin that would’ve cost me $20 at the local nursery or pumpkin patch. So I try to be strategic with what I have and where I place it to get those little fall touches we crave without having to dust a million little decor items in the process.

Here is how I made our house ready for fall this year!

For our mantle, which is an antique marble remnant of an old bank building that was demolished in Baltimore City (was added to the house when it was built in the 70s as far as I know), I added this spray of aspen leaves in a white ceramic pitcher and set the LED candles to illuminate in the evening.

In the family room, covering the springy floral throw pillows I had with these faux leather pillow covers and adding a soft, comfy alpaca blanket was just what it needed to get that autumn feel.

I'd also like you to meet the lady of the house. (I should probably name her, actually, so please feel free to send me name suggestions!) She just got a new hair-do with autumnal highlights! I could probably find higher-quality, more realistic looking leaves, but this is what I have, so it's going to do.

One of my favorite spots to go just a little crazy is our front porch. Ironically, nobody ever really enters through this door except for people who don’t come over often (more on that in a future post), but I love looking at it from the road!

Plus, I had to take my obligatory “blogger with her shoes and doormat” photo! That shot was a little more difficult to achieve this time since I can barely see my own feet right now (I'm 37 weeks pregnant)!

Seasonal decorating doesn’t need to make you feel pressure to do something grand or complicated. With a simple, minimalist approach, you can store fewer items, avoid adding clutter, and still enjoy that cozy, golden, fall vibe.

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