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Simple Christmas Tree Tips and Tricks | How to Make Your Tree Shine without Breaking the Bank

I’ve been through many phases with my holiday decor. When we first got married ten years ago, we had a tiny tabletop tree that was a hand-me-down from my grandma. Then, we upgraded to a $10 tree mini tree from Target, then a 7ft tree...and last year we bit the bullet and invested in an actual nice artificial Christmas tree. And I am in love. It is such a pretty tree! But whether you’re on team artificial tree or live tree, these simple tips will help you make your evergreen extra special every time. Let's fancy this conifer up, shall we?

Our tree came prelit, which is such a great start. But let’s take it to the next level! Adding a strand or two of lights with larger bulbs will give it extra oomph and boldness. See the difference here? The best part is that each strand of 25 lights was only $8! You can use these C9 lights or any other shape of bulb, just be sure they are extra large to get the same effect. I prefer these incandescent ones to LED for the warm white light.

While I love our collection of eclectic Christmas ornaments that have been collected over the years, I also like to tie everything together with a unifying feature. I have this homemade chunky knit garland and these sparkly pinecone ornaments sprinkled all over the tree to keep everything pulled together and still allow you to use your sentimental ornaments. All you need for the garland are a couple balls of soft, chunky yarn. This project probably cost me about $15 last year. I will share how to make it in a separate, future post.

The sparkly pine cones were one of my favorite finds this year - $3 for 8 ornaments! Not to mention they aren’t breakable, so if you have little kids who are going to mess with your tree, they’re perfect! I bought 6 sets to make sure I had enough to evenly distribute around the branches.

And that’s it! You don’t have to add any elaborate floral spikes, ribbons, and bows all around your tree to make it feel unified, purposeful, and special. Sometimes simple is better! You have to consider what you’re willing to take the time to put up and take down every year, the amount of storage space you have for each seasonal item, as well as the cost.

Besides the cost of the tree and tree skirt, this whole look was under $50! (We did add a new tree skirt this year since the tree collar we purchased last year did not fit over the tree stand base. Woops!)

I can’t wait to spend the day after Thanksgiving decorating it with the rest of our sentimental ornaments with the fam!

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