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Simple bathroom refresh and why you don't need to totally renovate a space to love it

My friend has been asking for advice on how to refresh some of the rooms in her house without spending a lot of money so they can enjoy it now and sell it faster when the time comes. It can be such a delicate balance between getting your home ready to sell but also loving it in the meantime. And truly, I don’t believe you need to do much to make some big changes quickly and economically.

As I am learning, remodeling a bathroom from head to toe is expensive! That is a lot of investment packed into a tiny spot of your house, am I right? It isn’t a bad investment if you plan to live there a while or if you will get the cost back when you sell. But sometimes it isn’t worth it. In my friend’s case, a simple refresh is all she needed to make a big difference!

Fresh paint job, new shower curtain, and a few new accessories really modernize and brighten it up! I created the design plan for this one, but honestly, it didn’t need much. And I love my friend’s affinity for antiquey things like the wire basket on the wall! She wanted one similar to the one in our master bathroom, but they are no longer sold. I think this is a great alternative.

Without totally renovating and only spending a little bit of money, this space was given new life. If you find yourself wishing you could redo a space but the budget / value isn’t there, try something like this, and you might surprise yourself with how much you love it!

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