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Replacing dated light fixtures to make a big impact fast

My family and I recently moved from an attached townhome community to a single family home in the country. We lived in the townhouse for over 6 years, and in all that time, we didn’t bother upgrading our light fixtures until we were getting ready to sell our house. Then, when we finally DID change those little things, I wondered all along why we didn’t do it sooner so we could enjoy it ourselves!

Once I realized how much I could enjoy my house with just a few minor details updated, I didn’t want to waste any time when we moved into our 1970s, semi-renovated rancher / cape hybrid house. When we walked in the door, there were still remnants of the 70s - some seriously horrible eye-sore light fixtures that hadn’t been touched in decades...not to mention boob lights galore from a 1990s remodel. Those were the good ole’ days, weren’t they? As much as I loved my 90s childhood and appreciate the funkiness of the 70s, I didn’t necessarily want that reflected in my home. So to the chopping block they went!

My goal for this house is to keep everything open, homey, and bright. I want you to feel invited in and immediately at home, which is why these spaces are so important to the rest of the house. It’s the first impression you get when you walk in, whether you’re a guest or you live here, it’s nice to feel welcome.

We chose light fixtures that had see-through glass coverings for the tiny vestibules in the back and side of the house. These areas tend to feel crammed, so the ceiling needed to feel like it was rising away from your head, not closing in on it.

The boob lights were another story. After agonizing over which flushmounts would coordinate best with the statement fixture we used for our front entry, I decided I didn’t want to take away from the uniqueness and beauty of the Moravian Star. So instead of agonizing over which fixture coordinated, we removed the boob lights and replaced them with recessed LED spots. Best decision!! Not only do they add essential light to our otherwise dark and gloomy hallway, but the spot lights do not compete with the star light in the foyer! Win!

We plan to live in our home for a long time, so there truly was not a real rush or need to replace the lights and make those updates, but I am so glad we took the time to get that out of the way! Those small changes made a big difference in the way the home feels.

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