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Petite Powder Room Makeover

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

For the past several years, I’ve been involved with a women’s Bible study group. Each year, the groups start over and each lady is set with a new group of women, so if you’re involved, you get to know many different ladies of all ages and walks of life. A couple years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a new and now dear friend in one of these groups, and I am so happy that we have been able to continue our friendship outside the group! Not only that, but several months ago, my friend asked me if I would help her redecorate a few of the spaces in her family home! And let me tell you, I have had the most fun brainstorming design ideas for her!

One of those projects was her powder room. It was in need of a small facelift to both modernize and soften the space with a small budget.

As you can see, it's not a bad little bathroom. It just felt a bit dated and ready for a fresh look.

Since I have never done any kind of decorating for anyone except myself, I wasn’t sure how the design plan would come together in reality. But I am so happy with the result!

We worked through some size and budget limitations, and I am so proud of how this room turned out! And my friend even did the wallpaper! She is a trooper, and her efforts really paid off!

Adding wallpaper when you’ve never used it before is brave, but if you’re going to do it, I think using a bold pattern in a smaller space, like a bathroom, really packs some punch. So go for it! Wallpaper is definitely on my future to do list for somewhere in the house, if I could only decide where…

Sometimes it’s hard to decide how to decorate your house and know where to start! My friend was able to take the suggestions I made in her design board and bring them to life beautifully. I am so grateful to her for trusting me! The process was fun and simple. She sent me a few pictures and measurements of the rooms she wanted to work on, and I took some time to pull together a plan for how the room should look. I "shopped" for the room, made suggestions about lighting, accessories, wall hangings, plants, wallpaper, and hardware, then I provided links to everything so she could purchase the items she wanted from the design plan. Not every little thing worked out, but we worked together to make it awesome! And a special kudos to her amazing husband who made those shelves when it was proving difficult to find shelves in the right width for the wall! They are pretty darn cool! I linked some similar options for the shelf below.

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