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Masculine Home Office Design

Working from home is the new normal for so many of us this year, and if you’re like Kyle and I, we switched from in-person office situations to work-from-home pretty quickly when things started shutting down in the spring. We rarely worked from home, so we had no dedicated office space that was quiet or very separate from the kids. Currently, Kyle has a plastic folding table set up with an old 50-inch TV monitor as his computer screen. Yeah, it’s not ideal.

My latest client is no exception. They’re currently using an open dining room as their office, and now that working from home has become the new normal, it isn’t functioning for them the way they would like anymore. They were looking for a more masculine design for their mood board as well as help figuring out what to do with a giant 80s-style floor to ceiling mirror on the largest wall in the room.

I typically begin by having clients complete a design questionnaire to help me get a better idea of what they are hoping for in their design. There are a couple pieces that need to stay that they already owned, including the large mirror. With the design questionnaire and those requests in mind, I created this solution with two rug options to help make their home office more functional and purposeful.

I know they were wanting some kind of dark accent wall, and I actually think that will be perfect with their mirror. You’re probably wondering how the heck you leave a mirror like this on the wall and make it work...and to be honest, I was struggling with this, too. But I have an idea that will save them the time of removing it if they don’t want to!

If they place the open “X” shelves in front of the big mirror, the mirror behind will actually end up highlighting the items they display on the shelves while also disguising the severity and size of the mirror. I am also recommending that they paint the walls on either side of the mirror a dark, moody green or navy to complete the accent and give it a more masculine vibe.

I love the way this design turned out, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they’re done. How are you making your home office work for you these days? A mood board can be a great way to plan your room before you spend any money on decor! The total cost for every suggested item in this design (excluding the table, recliner, and paint) is under $2000.

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