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How we fell in love with our bathroom without breaking the bank

Our master bathroom was tiny, dark, and very beige. The cabinet was dated and brown, the wall color clashed with the color of the tile, and it was definitely a learning curve going from a double sink master bath to a single sink we both couldn’t fit around. I think it was updated from the 1970s to the 1990s at one time, if that gives you any idea. It would have been soooo satisfying to rip it all out and start again, but we just weren’t ready to do anything major at the time. But...I couldn’t stand it the way it was either. ​

​See what I mean? Nice, but dated. Functional, but meh. Not really a room I looked forward to using every day, yet I had no choice but to use it anyway!

​I went back and forth between whether or not we were going to replace all of the hardware and lighting in the room or if something more simplistic was appropriate. I mean, I love a good matte black set of fixtures or some brushed brass...oh it would’ve looked so nice! But then the question remained, how could I incorporate a new set of fixtures and NOT change the shower door, which had a brushed nickel surround? And no, I was not about to take the doors off and paint the edges of the shower door. Nope, not for me. I love a good DIY project as much as the next person, but I don’t feel the need to do unnecessary work when I had something nice to start with.

​So I decided to love my bathroom. Not as is, but with as little investment and work as we could do while still creating a space we wanted to be in each and every day.  ​ If I couldn’t change the tile, the fixtures, the shower door, or the vanity, then what COULD I change to make it work? The paint! Of course. We decided to use some paint leftover from another room to completely change the look of our bathroom and make it fresh.

​Kyle is such a trooper...and once you get him started on a project, he doesn’t stop. So I’m always thankful to have him on my side to get stuff done, because I’m a major dawdler. We repainted the walls Simply White by Benjamin Moore (flat) and the vanity was painted White Dove by Benjamin Moore (a furniture paint finish leftover from my dining room table makeover). We pretty much plowed through painting everything in the room between our kids’ naptimes, bedtimes, and whenever we could squeeze it in. I think the whole project took a little less than a week, though I’m sure if we could’ve dedicated a larger chunk of time to it, it would’ve been done in a weekend. Life with kids, am I right?

​Using the bright white paint really opened up the room, and replacing the dark wood over-the-toilet storage cabinet with the see-through basket shelf really helped it feel more airy and less formal. And let’s not forget my favorite part - that mirror!! I had my eye on it for months at Kirkland’s, and when it finally came back in stock, I scored one! The mirror is the one thing that truly makes this room pop.  ​ Overall cost for this project was around $200! We bought a new shelf, mirror, and a couple new accessories, but the rest was already something we owned, including the paint. Who knew changing a few small things in a room could make such an impact? Don’t you want to just go and love your bathroom now, too?!

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