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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | Toddler Boy Gift Guide

As I was thinking of what to put on this gift guide, I found it much more difficult than the one I created for preschool girls! My daughter has many distinct interests that she can vocalize and imagine. My son, who is nearly 2, is a little more difficult to read. He has certain things he likes, but he isn’t as able to express it as easily as our older daughter. Many of the gifts they receive will be shared, but here is what I’m loving for toddler boys this year!

  1. Balance Bike | Can’t go wrong with this! Little boys love to move and get all that energy out!

  2. Cold Weather Accessories | We plan to be outside as much as possible this winter. Keeping everyone warm and dry will be paramount in making the most of it. I love this manly little trapper hat and Bogs are supposed to be great quality, waterproof, and warm for the snow!

  3. Books | Our little guy loves to read, but his attention span isn’t very long. He loves little board books with short verses that keep him tuned in. We love counting the Ten Apples Up On Top and A Color of His Own is a classic.

  4. Water Beads | Just add water for a fun sensory activity! Now the key will be to keep these from getting distributed into every nook and cranny of my house...but it will be fun for any tot!

  5. Dress Up Clothes | As he grows, he will start to enter into more dramatic play, and these dress up clothes are a great way to encourage that! I love these community helper options!

  6. Skoolzy Pegs | This toy is a hit with both of our children and helps them recognize colors and shapes. We’ve taken them on road trips as a busy activity and often play them before we start preschool in the morning.

  7. Ornament | We add an ornament to our children’s collection each year. These gold dinosaur ones are too cute and very sparkly to add to your tree.

  8. Squishy Bath Toys | I love how these stick together to build little creations in the bath and that they don’t have any holes or areas that will grow mold and mildew.

  9. Cloth Training Pants | We used similar training pants with our daughter when we were potty training. These are great because they can soak up a lot of liquid so they feel wet without letting it drip down their legs, soaking their pants and shoes. They can be worn even after potty training just in case there’s a rogue potty accident! Not to mention these patterns are so cute.

  10. One-Piece Snowsuit | Staying warm and dry as we increase our outdoor playtime this year!

  11. LEGO Duplo Blocks | Our little guy might be a bit too young to follow instructions to build, but he still likes to try to put the blocks together to make towers and little creations. I love how these can be shared and allow the kids to use their imagination to build!

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