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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | 3-4 Year-Old Girl Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching, and not only do we have Christmas to celebrate in our family, but three birthdays starting at the end of November and all the way into December! Whew...needless to say, it’s a lot to plan when it comes to gifts for the family.

In our house, we try to keep gifts to a minimum for Christmas and birthdays, but I do like to follow the system of one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, and one thing to read. I think it gives a nice baseline of variety for gifts without going overboard. Sometimes I add to it, but generally I like to follow the rules :)

This year, I’m sharing my favorite items for little girls 3-4 years old! Check out all my favorites below!

  1. Dress-up Clothes | We are very much into pretend and dramatic play in our house. Our daughter has been asking for dress-ups for a while and often pretends to be a doctor, vet, teacher, or some version of a princess on a regular basis. I love how these princess dresses come with accessories, and I think adding in some realistic ones, like scrubs and a lab coat, will keep us all a bit grounded.

  2. Books | Reading is so important! We read tons of books, and both of our kids seem to learn so much from every single one. We’ve really been enjoying some of the classic Reading Rainbow books as we go through our preschool curriculum. Blueberries for Sal and An Egg is Quiet are currnent favorites.

  3. Balance Bike | My goal is to take the kids outside as much as possible this season despite the weather. With fewer places to go, getting everyone out of the house does wonders of good. Our daughter played with a friend’s balance bike earlier this year and didn’t want her to take it home, she loved it so much. I’m all for toys that get my kids moving and help them learn a skill, like riding a bike without training wheels! I love the retro look of this one.

  4. LEGO Duplo sets with instructions | Our daughter is learning how to follow directions, and these are a great motivator to help her follow the model to build with the end result of getting to play with her creation! She also likes to build things using her imagination, and these are a great way to encourage that.

  5. Waterproof Snow / Rain Suit and Boots | Did I mention we plan to be outside a ton this year? It’s tough to do that without the proper gear. I don’t want to deal with whining, cold, and wet children (or mommy!), so this waterproof suit is on our list!

  6. Hair Accessories | Our daughter LOVES to wear bows in her hair and dresses every single day. I haven’t stocked up on any since she was a baby, so she’s due for a revamp of her bow collection!

  7. Bathrobe and Slippers | Bath time is a little crazy in our house these days, so it isn’t always convenient to get them in their PJs immediately after they get out of the water. This often means the older two are running around complaining that they’re freezing after they dump their towel and streak around the house. This is a great solution to this problem, not to mention it’s too cute!

  8. Dyson toy vacuum | Did I mention dramatic play rules in our lives right now? Playing kitchen, house, baby, and mommy are fan favorites for us, so why not add a little play cleaning as well?

  9. Water Wow Books | Just add water to the brush, and the pages reveal colors as you “paint.” Once it dries, it can be painted over and over again! These keep both of our kids busy and are great for travel.

  10. Ornaments | Every year, we buy a new ornament for each child so when they are one day off on their own, they have a collection to start with. I love these sparkly gold safari ornaments for our daughter since she has been very interested in the zoo lately!

I hope this gift guide provides inspiration for your holiday giving this year! I’m looking forward to seeing our daughter’s face as she receives some (not all!) of these items on her list - it’s going to be a fun season!

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