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Gender Neutral Nursery Design

I am the kind of person who likes to set goals. If I write it down, then I usually stick to it. This month, one of these goals is to write a blog post. So here I am. I’ve had this document poised and ready to type in for months, and for some reason I just could not bring myself to do it. Not because I wasn’t doing well - we have been doing so much better around here - but because my inspiration has been zero. Zilch. Nada. I haven’t felt that drive to really press in to projects we want to complete in our home. I’ve lost motivation or maybe I’m burned out, I’m really not sure. And looking around here, all I can think about is how there are still dishes all over the counter, a blindingly bright baby play mat in the middle of the living room floor, and there are several fleets of cars and tractors parked around my dining room. I can’t keep up. Like if I have to step over a pile of dumped-out puzzle pieces and random paint brushes one more time, I might actually lose it. Anyone else feel me??!

And all that to say, I have not really spent that much time in the new baby nursery. With getting outside almost every day combined with lots of nap times and an early bedtime, I really only go in there to change diapers and put the baby in his crib to sleep. I know this will change as time goes on, but this is the phase we are in right now. And it’s kind of a shame, because that nursery is maybe the cutest, calmest, and cleanest room in the whole house right now! Maybe I should start not going into any of the other rooms, and they will stay clean and calm, too…

We did not find out the sex of our baby before he was born, so I actually planned two separate nurseries to complete depending on if we had a boy or a girl. Lots of light, bright neutrals with a pop of either blush pink or hunter green.

Together, Kyle and I tackled the job of covering the old accent wall with - you guessed it - a new accent wall! We covered this area in olive branch wallpaper, and while I love the look of it, don’t get too close, because I’m telling you, it is nowhere near perfect. I learned some hard lessons with wallpaper during this project - don’t try to wallpaper with your spouse when you’re 8 months pregnant, and wallpaper made out of actual paper is not forgiving. Next time, I will be paying attention to what material the wallpaper is made of before I buy!

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that we refinished this Pottery Barn dresser to get a coastal, driftwood finish, and I’m still so in love with how it turned out! To read more about this DIY project, click here.

In my effort to keep things fairly minimalist, yet cozy, I did not want to do too much with wall decor and accessories. Honestly, I hesitated to even create this post because the corner shelves in the reading nook area aren’t entirely complete. But I can’t wait forever, so we’re going with it!

Our sweet friends made this wall hanging for us with our son’s name. The black really stands out against the light neutrals of the rest of the room and coordinates with the black framed photos across the way!

My plan with the reading nook is that the older kids, and even the baby eventually, will be able to read, build forts, and play in this area without destroying the rest of the house. So far, I haven’t been too successful in this plan, but we’ll get there! I hope...

We are so thankful to have this precious new family member with us! Once he got past crying all the time, he became a very sweet and happy baby. We love this little guy and his soft little baby head!

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