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Father's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Father’s Day is about a month away (it’s Sunday, June 21st, for those who needed that)! It feels like all of the days run together a bit right now, and honestly I have to check to make sure I have the day right each morning.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to give to Kyle to celebrate, and I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but sometimes guys are difficult to buy for! I have a pretty good idea of what I want to get him this year, but I decided to survey some of my guy-dad friends and get the full scoop on what they’re all really wanting for Father’s Day this year. To all of my girls reading this right now, there is a good chance I reached out to your husband, so pay attention because what he suggested is probably included below! :)


Decanter 1 / Decanter 2 / Ice molds

Whatever the attraction is to bourbon, I’m not really sure I understand, but this was by far the most popular response. There’s just something manly about sitting down to relax with a nice, cold, glass of special bourbon just for him. You can go all out with a full bourbon gift box, or keep it simple with an accessory or two. These bourbon decanters are a great way to display your special mix, and what could be better than pouring it over a smooth, cold ice globe?


Foam roller / Chipping net / Golf swing net / Barbell set / Barbell clamps

If your dad / husband has been taking to more at-home sports and fitness activities due to the pandemic, then you’re not alone. Both my own dad and Kyle have been taking full advantage of working out from home and finding things to do around the house. Kyle and I have been doing Les Mills Body Pump, and this barbell set is perfect for that if you’re looking to up your weight. Super affordable, and several weight options. We have this in a smaller version and love it. Don’t forget to grab a pair of plate clips to go along with it, because the spring clamps that come with it aren’t great. And since working out more is bound to bring on some aches and pains, add in a foam roller to help work out the muscle soreness since an in-person massage won’t be possible for a while. I got one of these for my dad a few years ago, and I know he uses it all the time!

Even if golf courses aren’t open in your area, though I know many are reopening now, it can never hurt to work on your golf swing and chipping accuracy. This golf net is great if you still want to hit balls but maybe don’t have the space to actually hit them anywhere. I also loved this little chipping net to go along with it!


Garmin smartwatch

For the money, this smartwatch has some great features! Kyle got this one last year and really likes it. It has GPS tracking for biking, running, or hiking, email, remote music controls, and many other awesome smartwatch features for under $150! Not to mention it’s waterproof and perfect for pool and beach days.


Joggers / Thin long-sleeve / Shorts / Long-sleeve crew

Now that Kyle has been working from home for the past 10 weeks, I am discovering that while he has a plethora of nice shirts, pants, and ties for work, he basically wears the equivalent of painting clothes on repeat while working from home. And I think I’ve seen the same Turkey Trot race shirt from 2012 about 5,000 times since March (I actually hid it because I couldn’t take it anymore). I say, if you’re new work uniform is loungewear / activewear, why not invest in a few things that look nice and can replace those painting clothes? Kyle really likes Under Armour lately, and these pieces will be great for him through all seasons! Hopefully it’s not another 10 years before they get replaced, too.


Journal / Devotional

This was something that was on Kyle’s Christmas list last year, and he’s been reading New Morning Mercies as his devotional lately. He keeps telling me that I would enjoy it, too, and if your dad / guy is looking for a great devotional to work through this year, we highly recommend this one! Throw in a leather journal so he can record his memory verses, thoughts, and prayers as he goes.


Grinder / Batteries / Pressure Washer / Charger

This was another popular response from my guy friends! We have a small collection of these tools, and Kyle uses them ALL the time. If you already have some of these tools at home, it can never hurt to add a few extra of the long-lasting battery packs and a large charger so you don’t get stuck waiting for a battery to charge in the middle of a project.

I’m especially excited about the pressure washer! Don’t tell, but this is what Kyle is getting as his Father’s Day gift! Wire Cutter recommends these Ryobi ones as the best for most homeowners. They actually suggest the electric version of this, and I think that it is a great option. However, for our larger yard, dealing with an extension cord just isn’t practical, so I’m going to go with the gas-powered version for Kyle. I’ve been stalking it to see if it goes on sale and will let you know if it does!

This cordless / brushless angle grinder is another great multi-use tool that can be helpful for cleaning metal, cutting rods, bars, and bolts, cutting tile, stone, and concrete, restoring cutting edges, and cutting old mortar.


Water blasters

As a mom, I like to leave some of the messier, wilder, crazier activities for the kids to Kyle. Truly, I think he enjoys that role as many dads do. Help set the scene for your family to make some memories with these sweet water blasters! We have these and use them all the time in the pool, but you could also fill a couple of big buckets with water to get the fun going!



I see several of my guy friends, including Kyle, wear these on repeat in the summer. They’re manly, sturdy, and great for beach, pool, or even walking! They are a bit of an investment compared to other flip flops, but they last forever.


Leather messenger bag

Kyle had this on his birthday list last year. He often has to do site visits for work or carry drawings and a laptop along with him to meetings. He wanted something that looked professional and still could hold all of his stuff. He uses this daily, and it looks even better with a little wear!


Grill mitt / Tongs

I know this seems like a stereotypical “dad” gift, but it was actually suggested by a couple of my guy friends. While Kyle and I tend to split the grilling responsibilities in our house, if your dad / guy is the grill-master, then you can’t go wrong with a nice grill mitt and quality grilling tongs to make the experience even better.


Wireless charger

Convenient, efficient, and way easier than trying to find the charging cord that fell behind your nightstand. Kyle has this one and it works great with his iPhone!


YETI mug

These are great if you like that regular mug feel but your coffee keeps getting cold before you can get enough. Amazing for when you’re working from home and refilling your coffee all day long! These are also great for camping and sipping hot coffee on your patio in the morning.


Fenix flashlight

I know it seems like a ridiculous price for a flashlight. I actually thought that when I was trying to find a nice flashlight for this gift guide, but what I actually learned is that having a great light for doing projects in small, dark spaces or looking inside of engines is actually extremely helpful. Since Kyle is an engineer who often does site visits to look at mechanical equipment, this type of flashlight would be perfect!


Whatever you decide to do this Father's Day, I hope you get to enjoy quality family time together and have tons of fun! And to the friends who helped me with this post, thank you for your valuable input! It was fun hearing what you each had to say.

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*I do earn a small commission when you purchase through my links.

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