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Fall Family Photos | Coordinated Fall Outfits for a Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

My kids typically live in hand-me-down clothing. We have been blessed by several friends who generously share bins of very nice kids’ clothes with us on a regular basis, and I am here for it. While this is awesome in many ways, it sometimes makes it difficult to make sure we have certain clothing items for occasions or seasons. It’s been a long year without many places to go or very much need for new clothes, so I took advantage of the opportunity to at least have a few new outfits for the kids for fall family photos before the new baby arrives.

Speaking of the new baby, I’m just glad I got to wear this maternity dress once before he or she is born! It’s so comfortable and versatile...maybe I need it in the non-maternity version for next year! (I linked a non-maternity option below, too!)

Here are our coordinated fall outfits for our 2020 fall family / maternity photos! I tried to keep the colors somewhat neutral with navy, olive green, blush pink, and golds.

Old Navy and Target had some great, classic finds for the kids and me, and Kyle hit a sale earlier this year from J.Crew Factory. I think it's also important to wear clothes that are special but also are true to who you are or how your normally look. I'm so happy with how our photos turned I just need to do this all over again when we do newborn pictures in a couple of months!

Here's a sneak peek at how they look in real life - Mark Vernago Photography was amazing! If you're local to the Baltimore area, Mark does great work and was also very cognizant of social distancing and wearing a mask when appropriate.

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