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DIY Stocking Tags | Wood Slice Stocking Tags

As I was sitting by the fire the other day, I realized that I was missing something pretty important - a stocking for little brother! My mom has made us matching stockings for our family and keeps adding them for us as we add more people to our tribe. They’re beautiful, but they are all exactly the same, so it can be a little confusing on Christmas morning to know whose is whose.

These DIY stocking tags will help keep us organized and were so easy! I had some of these items on hand, but all of the supplies are very budget friendly. Let's get started!

First, I started by looking up various hand lettered versions of our initials. Just go to Pinterest or Google and search for this! Once I found several examples I liked, I practiced my letters on scrap paper until I felt comfortable with making my own. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Then, using a pen or pencil, lightly sketch the letter on the wood slice, then trace it with your marker. I used a black Sharpie, but it would probably be better with a paint pen or hand calligraphy pen.

This set of wood slice ornaments comes with pre-cut twine to use as hangers. Take the piece of twine and double knot it through the hole in the ornament, leaving a tail for the beads to go on. Then, alternate large and small wood beads on the string - I used 3 large beads and 2 small beads for each - leaving some space at the end for a loop. Once your beads are in place, loop the remaining twine around and tie it so the beads stay on and there is a loop at the end.

Once your loop is secure, you’re done! You can add embellishments like ribbon, bells, bows... whatever you like to personalize each one. I'm so happy with how these turned out! Now let’s hope I never have to make another one for our family...

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