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DIY Modern Asymmetrical Fall Wreath

This weekend has been the first crisp, fall weather we’ve experienced so far, and I felt like a little fall fairy around my house, putting little touches of the season all over. One thing I wanted to try this year was making a modern hoop wreath for our front door that would last through the end of the harvest season.

This was such a simple project, and I know I’ll use it for years! I was able to complete it during nap time, so it’s the perfect quick project!

How to Make a DIY Modern Asymmetrical Fall Wreath


Here's how you do it!

Gather materials and trim the long stems off of the faux florals with the wire cutters.

Roughly arrange the flowers how you want them to be when you attach them to the hoop. Have some fluffing up to the top, and some fluffing down toward the bottom.

Wrap the bundle tightly with leather lace and hot glue the lace into place after tying it.

Using the floral wire, secure some of the stems to the hoop so they form around it a bit. Use your imagination and let it be as free or as secured as you prefer. I wanted mine to layer a certain way, so I secured several of the stems down from behind and arranged the flowers.

Bend and arrange the flowers and greenery from the front to achieve the final look you want.

Next, affix the hoop very securely to the wreath hook using the floral wire. Because it is asymmetrical, it won’t hang straight unless you do this step. I had some trial and error getting it to hang this way, but it can be done! Just be patient and keep wrapping the wire around the hook, and it should hang even with all the weight being on one side!

That’s it! It’s a super simple project that didn’t take very long, and I love the way it turned out! The trickiest part was getting it to hang straight, but once I figured out I needed to wire it to the hook, I was good!

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