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A third birthday fiesta and 3-year-old girl gift guide

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

If you’ve been following along, you know that it was just a short two weeks ago that we threw a first birthday party for our son. Yes, their birthdays are two weeks apart. All right before Christmas. I’m not tired, you’re tired, haha.

My daughter just turned 3, and she has been talking about her birthday party for months now. Again, we aren’t at the stage, and not sure we will ever be, where we invite a ton of other children to our kids’ birthdays. I grew up having family-only parties for years, and they are still my favorite even to this day. I hope my kids have the same fond memories of their childhood birthdays as I do!

I enjoy having some kind of theme for birthday parties because it gives me some kind of starting point for the food, decorations, and activities. This year, R got a full blown taco party “threesta.” Amazon had some awesome decoration options, and we went with this one. I think I have a love for tassel garlands :) I like to keep them and use them in my house when we’re done with them, too.

We kept the menu fairly simple with these Instant Pot chicken tinga and ground beef tacos with all of the toppings. Guys, I didn’t even make the toppings. I bought them from Wegman’s. It doesn’t get easier than that! Well, I did have my mom make one dip - this 5 Ingredient White Queso - and let me tell you, it was a winner. For the kids, I made some plain cheese quesadillas and kept them warm in the oven. I also made chocolate covered pretzel cacti to add to the mood (above).

The wrench in all of this was R insisted that she wanted a strawberry and blueberry cake. I wanted to make her a llama cake. And strawberry flavored cake with blueberry icing didn’t seem like a super flavorful option, especially for December. I had to let my llama dreams go. Then I thought, "What could be more festive for a birthday party fiesta than a tres leches cake?" Throw some strawberries and blueberries around it, and you’ve got a strawberry and blueberry birthday cake! I made this tres leches cake, and I also gave the kids a tiny cupcake paper full of rainbow sprinkles to decorate their own piece of cake with. They thought it was great, and I was happy it kept them entertained!

Despite a minor foot injury that happened during the party and then refusing to walk, R thoroughly enjoyed the party and attention, and I’m ready to not have anymore birthday parties for a LONG time...well, except for Jesus' birthday! ;)

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