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Hi there! My name is Casey, and I'm so glad you're here. Since I was in middle school, I wanted to be an interior designer. I took art classes instead of chemistry, redesigned my childhood bedroom out of Ikea furniture (that I still have!), and wanted to major in interior design when I was in college. However, I wanted to go to Penn State more than I cared about exactly which career I chose, and, though I have no regrets, I ultimately went in a different direction with my studies. 


After living in an attached townhome in the suburbs of Baltimore for six years, in 2018, we moved to a 1970s custom rancher in the Maryland countryside. I have the privilege of sharing this beautiful home with my family and creating spaces that I look forward to seeing every day. I live with my husband, Kyle, two tiny nuggets, and a lazy Brittany dog named Raleigh. Each day is a new adventure in life whether it's working on the next house project, making it to library story time on time (or really on time anywhere), or chasing that family of house sparrows off of the front porch (again). We are slowly transforming this quirky house into our dream home.


I can't resist the opportunity to make something new and lovely. I hope you enjoy watching! Welcome to The Quail's Nest.



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